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Express your favorite self without all the complexity, headache, and time thievery — browse our brand new copywriting template collections now 👇

Ellen Hill

“This template was a Godsend! It made my program sound so irresistible and jazzy! It felt like it flowed so easily! Thank you! "

Hot New Email Templates as your service...

Elevate your copy with our brand new, easy-to-use templates, designed with the creative entrepreneur, coach, course creator, and healer in mind.

Email Templates

How It Works

Show a GIF or Video of receiving welcome email, clicking link, logging into client portal, choosing which doc you want to use, side by side of using doc with blank doc to write, watching tutorial video.

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Immediate Access

Your receipt and digital download are emailed to your inbox in minutes. Get started right away or block out time in your calendar to jump in and whip up your emails!

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Tested & Proven

Every email is put through the ringer so you aren't. Before each email is turned into a template, they're tested out in the real world, either in both my business and my clients' businesses. Rest assured what you're using is proven.

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No-fuss Returns

When it comes to Confident Copy Shoppe templates, we take a simple  7-Day "Joy Ride" Approach. You have a week to take your template for a spin. If it's not for you, we'll do everything we can to make you happy, even if that means a full refund. 

Curious how you can transform your inbox into a 24/7/365 powerhouse of connection, engagement, and conversions with ALL your emails? 

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Exhale Email

The simple, 4-step done-before-lunch email writing playbook is designed to liberate your unique voice and effortlessly guide you through the quick, proven process for crafting your own captivating, client-attracting emails. In 2.5 hours flat, you’ll know how to put together concise, compelling, YOU-shaped emails. AKA legitimate emails that work.


Meet Jenn

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For the past 10 years, I've relentlessly 

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