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How fast does your day go?

Overheard an employee of a popular car rental place talking to a patron.

He asked her “So do you like working here over the other location?”

She replied:

“Yeah, I do. It’s busier so makes the day go by faster.”

Wait, what...??

I sat up in my chair.

Is that really a measure to rate your day by - how fast it goes?

We have only a finite number of days on this earth!

Do you really want it to go by as fast as possible?

Where the heck are you going in such a hurry?

I relaxed back in my chair remembering a time I once said the same thing. I was a trainer at a gym and couldn’t wait to get home. I quietly chuckled to myself because I mostly watched re-runs of Reba and took naps back then. It made the day go by faster...

Gosh, I guess I've come along way.

Thanks for the perspective.


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