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You are magnificent. A brilliant ball of light. You shine brighter than 10,000 galaxies, Honey. It's time you act like it.

Free Virtual Show!


A heartfelt — and hilarious — show about brave new beginnings, callings of the heart and surprising, unexpected ways to go after what you want.

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Embarrassing stories, witty wisdom, self-reflection, and shimmery sequin pants...
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Dear Courageous Heart is for YOU — you glorious, glowing being — to acknowledge those mothatruckin' wings you got on. Cuz you and I both know you were born to F-L-Y fly. So get ready to be recharged, reinspired and chock-a-block full of belly laughs. Because we're about to unleash your Dear Courageous Heart. Let’s do this.

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Livestream Performance
We are not in typical times.

If we weren't all doing our part to save the world by shacking up in our homes right now, you and I would be meeting up in an old, swanky theatre rich with history and red velvet stage curtains. You'd plop down your $40 ticket at the box office before struttin' your stuff inside to the concession counter. Hellooo, warm buttered popcorn. And after everyone was seated and the murmers hushed, my music would cue and I'd come gliding out on stage in a stunning sequin suit or dress. Depending on moi mood, darling.

And so it would begin...


But since we're all playing Super Hero in our pajamas right now, we're not gonna do that. We're gettin' creative (a.k.a. going online so we can rock our Eeyore pj's with #noshame). But worry not my dear, you can indulge in as much popity-popcorn as you want.

As a result of these extraordinary circumstances and the online show we're creating, folks have been asking some smart questions.

Why do I have to register if it’s free?

Good question! Right now our livestream system only holds up to 500 people. Having you register your free ticket helps us track how many people plan to attend so in the case we need to upgrade our system before we go LIVE we can.

Will there be a recording?

No. As of right now, I have no intention of sharing a recording of the show. It will be recorded purely for my review so I can learn what worked, what didn’t and continue to better the show.

Will I be on camera?

Absolutely not. This will be like a LIVE television show, but with the ability to interact with me through chat! 

Will there be adult language?

GREAT Q. I had a friend of mine with teenage daughters ask this question. She wanted to know if her girls could join so she was curious about how “adult” it was. I told her there’s a pinch of adult language (3 or so words) and she considered it no biggie.

Can I share the show with my friends?

Would LOVE you to! Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know your seat is saved. It also contains a simple way to share this page with your friends on social media.

Or you can do like me when I’m excited about something and just copy and paste the URL and email it to my peeps. Your call :)

How much time should I block out for the show?

The show is approx. 75 minutes long. Perfect for a quick mental getaway. 

All right now. Grab your friends, your favorite bevy and come on!
Livestream Performance

Jenn Mayers © 2020

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