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Uber ride takes an unexpected turn...

In the cliffs of Laguna...

Our Uber driver asked my mom if she was in town visiting. Why yes, she is. What a beautiful day to head to Laguna Beach he said. Have you been up in the cliffs? Let me show you the view. We get to a great spot and there's a woman there walking her dog. Explains to mom that she lives just a few houses down and that her view is much better. Before we know it, we are standing on her balcony overlooking the breathtaking view of Laguna. She's right, her view is amazing. She's lived here 43 years. Moved in when everything was still dirt. What a great lady.

Mom and I got back in the Uber and our driver said "That lady welcomed you into her home because she wanted to share her view with you. This world is filled with kind, wonderful people. This has made my day."

Indeed, sir.

Us, too.

Thank you for the unexpected adventure.


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