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Updated: Jul 30, 2018

I feel sadness.

Deep sadness.

My mind says I fucked up.

But my heart knows I haven’t.


Pent up anger, resentment - it’s a habit.

Old habit.

I don’t have it Anymore.

Right now, here in this moment

I won’t ignore myself anymore.

There’s so much to explore.

So much more.

To explore the parts of me that I don’t know anymore.

To let myself breathe.


Deeper than before.


Place my eyes on the horizon.

Hand on my chest.

Make a pledge to myself:

Truth and trust.

Let the rest take care of itself.

Truth and trust.

Let the rest take care of itself.

Before I walked onto this ocean of uncharted waters

My heart wrote songs in the form of letters

Like hand-knitted sweaters.

Made with love.

I don’t know what’s better: to find hope at the tip of my pen or to live life not needing hope at all.

Faith they say…

Have faith and you will not fall.

But I’ve fallen consistently, persistently since the day I tried to walk.

And humbly I say to you I have more faith than them all.

Running around blaming others for their misery,

You won’t get handouts from me - not even pity.

So what if you’re pretty.

So what if you’re nice.

Stop trying to please people you don’t even like.

But sometimes I say nothing at all.

That’s my lesson, my fall.

Speak up.

Rise above the noise.

Beyond doubt - Leave it in the dust.

Stop focusing on getting rid of it.

Instead pass it up.

Don’t get stuck in that rut.

Speak up.

Speak up against injustice.

Speak up when you don’t agree.

Speak up for yourself.

Speak wide open from your heart, freely.

There’s a path of least resistance

Within you and me

It’s what we’re here to follow, each of us, uniquely.

I don’t know what you want or what you’re here to do

But I do know that I want that for you.

To live a life of contribution -

The life where you feel like you matter.

Because you do.


I’s your personal revolution:



It doesn’t take a scientist to know that that’s the solution.



So stop playing yourself.

You’re a brilliant ball of light.

Set in motion.



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