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I saw a marvelous masterpiece.

Looked in the mirror this morning and shuttered at what I saw.

Bags under my eyes.

Dull skin.

A new pimple on my nose.

“Ugh, you cannot go out looking like this,” I thought to myself.

I rolled my eyes away.

Conditioned disgust.

Make-up, must!

Again a thought, “Do men roll their eyes when they look tired and ill rested? They don't use make-up to cover up their past…?”

I looked back in the mirror.

Suspended my thoughts around make-up, women, and beauty.

And saw something interesting…

I saw the awesome late night call I had with my brother last night. And the delicious golden milk latte (with espresso) I drank while I worked yesterday. I saw the incredible conversations I get to have each day and the desire to wake up earlier in the morning. I saw the extra hours I’ve been putting into my business lately. I saw the plea to drink more water. I saw the gluten I’ve been eating and the sensitivity to the changing weather. I saw the ease that’s washed across my forehead and the smile lines that are starting to set in. I saw the rose-y cheeks that come from lots of laughing. I saw the stories that have yet to be told. I saw the big dreams I have for the future and the eagerness to watch them unfold.

I saw a marvelous masterpiece in the mirror.

It wasn’t all shiny and gold.

It had fears and doubts, and dry patchy spots.

It had bright gentle eyes, big dreams and goals.

I saw a marvelous masterpiece in the mirror.

It was me, alive and bold.


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