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Steer clear of these crooked castles.

Have you ever met someone like this?

They size people up as quickly as possible, sometimes with just a glance. Put what they’ve concluded in a box and store it away. “There. You’re not a threat if I know who you are. I can keep you far away.”

And all these boxes turn into bricks and these bricks build walls. Around the very person that made them. Until all that’s left is a soul trapped inside a tower made of cold, assumptive bricks.

But, my friend, what about freedom?

Can you really be free if you’re surrounded by walls?

Can you really enjoy your work, your friends, your family, your play?

Perhaps you know someone who spends their time complaining, exaggerating and blaming. Looking for all the people who have hurt them and in all the myriad of ways. They’ve built a great and mighty tower. It’s dark and damp and all day they watch reruns of past hurts on their box TV.

Might I suggest you steer clear of these crooked castles.

Walk yourself in the complete opposite direction.

If they’re meant to come out, it will be on their own deed.

You, my friend, take care of your self.

Break down your own bricks.

Set yourself free.


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