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Tear Stained Pillows = Happier Clients

What happens when you under promise and over deliver?

You get calls like this...

Client: "Hey Jenn! Sorry to ring so late, but I was in the Colorado airport yesterday and I about had a panic attack!"

Me: "Oh, what about?"

Client: "I was trying to figure out when our agreement was up..."

Me:"Why were you doing that?"

Client: "Because I know when our agreement ends, you're going to raise your rates on me because you're so effing good and I want to start saving now... 'cuz, honey, you are never leaving my life."

What happens when you over promise and under deliver? 

You get emails like this...

"Jennifer, once we wrap up this project, I want to take a break from working with you. I may reach out to you for future copy projects.  Thanks so much..."


Both are real life examples from previous clients of mine.

I royally under promise to one and she was so upset when I finally did tell her I had to move on from 1-1 client work.

And I royally over promised to the other who I haven't heard a peep from since, over 4 years ago.

So there's a lesson in there for you about over promising and why you're better off over delivering instead.

And as you can see...

I wasn't always so perfect like I am today (#joking Trying to be perfect sucks and totally kills your business.) 

I've screwed up with clients and potential clients in the past. I still mess up all the time. It's just now I have a different perspective about it.

What I've learned is it's not the end of the world fail on what you promised.

It's an opportunity to learn.

So don't focus on being perfect. Be sincere.

Because it's what you do after your screw ups that matters.

Here's what I mean:

Screw ups lead to...

>> Unsatisfied clients, which leads to...

     >> Missed money opportunities and other frown inducing business-bombing mishaps, which might lead to...

          >> Unnecessary self-doubt and guilt, which can lead to...

               >> Tear stained pillows (big hearted people feel deeply, yo),  all of which leads to...

                    >> A BREAKTHROUGH, which makes...

                         >> You show up more confident, more prepared, more sincere, more driven, and brighter than you've been before.

So, if you've every bombed it with a client or you tend to beat up on yourself when things don't go perfectly, I want you to know it's all going to be okay. You're doing great. Keep moving forward (even when forward doesn't feel like fuzzy kittens and rainbows). Lock in your learning by looking for your lesson in all this. Your vision for your life is so much greater than any failure. Don't give up. Keep going.

Your future clients will be so happy you did.

All Love,



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