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You're really spiritual, aren't you?

“You’re really spiritual, aren’t you?”

He asked, surprised.

“That's a redundant question,” I thought to myself, “Aren’t we all?”

I replied that I was, but what I really wanted to say was…

Spiritual, agnostic, religious, human…

Brother, I’m here to surrender.

Let go of thoughts, opinions, positionalities, suppressions and regressions, hurt, attachments, even happiness. Let go of the loud voice that says you aren’t worthy. The sad one that says maybe it’s not meant to be. The angry voice that says it’s my way or the highway and the eager voice that says hurry up already.

What I really wanted to say was…

I want to see the world through your eyes

And how your view is being affected by your mind,

So that I can feel your heart

And love it with mine.

Until we’re both at peace,

No questions,

Quiet inside.

Bliss will bloom from our very breath

And joy course through our veins.

We’ll sit and laugh and sing and dance

Without resistance or refrain.


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