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Your dreams come true.

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Of love

Of hope

Of dreams come true

The more people

Hear them

The more they’ll

Believe them

The more they

Believe them

The more they’ll

Believe theirs too.

Theirs can happen.

Yours can too.

How do I know?

Because there’s no difference between me and you.

Your dream may look different than mine, yes.

Your upbringing may look different than mine, yes.

Your current situation may look different than mine, yes.

That’s what makes us unique.

But I’ll tell you until I can’t anymore that we are unique, not different.

Floating through time and space.

All you have to do now is stand in front of the mirror...

look at your face and without flinching...

meet your eyes with your own and say:

“I’ve heard your silent cries, the voice inside you that dreams. And as of today - right now - I will see to it that Your dream never dies. I promise to bring it to life, today, right now, no more “I’ll tries”."

Because, love, you are meant for greatness.


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