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The Difference Between Manipulation and Persuasion (& How To Use Persuasion To Help More People)

Real talk: Most people think selling is manipulative. They think it’s sleazy and slimy and *gasp* BAD. And it’s holding those folks back big time. Because the funny thing is...

Your business does not exist, can not exist, without sales.

Zero happens until a sale is made.

But, I get it. Manipulation is a real thing. You don’t want to force people to do something they wouldn't normally do (#hypnotist #clucklikeachicken).

But what about the people who would buy and sign up? What happens when they just need a little understanding and coaching first? How will they invest in you if don't ask for the sale? That's where persuasion comes in. So, how is persuasion different from manipulation exactly? It's real simple. And has nothing to do with selling.

Persuasion is what you do when you're selling something to help someone.

Manipulation is what you're doing if what you’re selling is shhht.

If you’re trying to sell something that gets zero results for people, that‘s not worth the time and energy you’ve put into it, or brings no value what so ever to people who buy, yes, you are manipulating people.

Otherwise, you’re persuading and thus, helping to transform lives.

Now repeat after me: “Selling is gooood. It makes my business big and strong."

All Love,



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